Welcome to the home of Guthrie & Theron. We are a firm with a long history which dates back to 1896. Guthrie & Theron strives to increasingly serve the public of the Overberg region with all the relevant legal services. We are able to provide a wide variety of specialist services due to our very experienced and specialized partners and superb support staff.


We serve second and third generations of clients which is testimony to the honesty, integrity and trustworthiness of the firm. Although the firm is rich and steeped in history our focus is firmly bound to the future. We are aware of a constant need for change, as legal needs change and constantly engage in renewing legal skills, knowledge and expertise. We are aware of the fact that a successful legal practice has to be precise, fast and have practical solutions for everyday legal problems. We therefore strive to solve and finalise the legal problems of clients as expeditiously and as cost effectively as possible.

Property Law
Our conveyancing team consists of 3 conveyancers, 2 Notaries and 6 dedicated conveyancing assistants, ample to handle all conveyancing matters with ease.
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Registration of Bonds
We also have a large bond and cancellation practice which includes the registration of first, further, covering, switch and private bonds.
We have an extended knowledge with regards to estate planning, drafting of wills, trusts and testamentary trusts.
Road Accident Fund
We have 3(three) partners that handle these claims. We make use of correspondents in Cape Town who specialize in this field.
Civil Litigation
We have an extended civil litigation practice, which includes High Court litigation. Magistrate Court litigation, evictions etc.
We cover a vast field of services which includes drafting of contracts, sales of businesses, registration / amendments of Companies, Close Corporations and Trusts.
Legally owning a firearm in South Africa

Many people in South Africa own a firearm or intend to own one in the future. However, the right to possess a firearm is not guaranteed by law, and such

Fearing Foreclosure: What are your rights as the homeowner?

The recent junk status announcement has shaken us into a quick action of tightening our belts and letting go of luxuries to afford our day to day expenses. This financial condition inhibits the possibility of purchasing a

Medical negligence claims

Medical negligence refers to a negative consequence of a medical treatment that could have been avoided by the medical practitioner. The Health Professions Act 56 of 1974 outlines South African

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